Playful Wisdom is an educational platform that helps parents go from confused and struggling with their parenting, to empowered with curiosity and connection with their children.

Playful Wisdom offers real-world guidance to help you develop that inner know-how.

So that you know what to do when you don’t know what to do.

We have found that knowledge in a few areas (neuroscience, attachment, child development, & play) can make parenting easier and bring back the

joy of being a parent!

Lately, you’ve been feeling burnt-out on parenting. It feels like you’ve tried everything and you’ve just hit a wall. One day you visit the park with your child and you see a little one who is on the verge of a major meltdown. You immediately feel for the parent as they kneel down trying to alleviate the situation, you have been there and you know the disaster that’s coming. But then with a touch, a look, and a short conversation the child is suddenly back, happily playing again.


You are in shock. What is their secret?! What are you missing?

You love your child deeply, but you feel like you don’t enjoy parenting anymore, what happened? You've committed so much time and energy to finding the perfect tool or strategy for your child. You're exhausted. Now, you find yourself searching for the courage to find more to this parenting thing than frustration and struggle.

You're ready for a change…


You’re tired of feeling isolated, overwhelmed, inadequate, and ashamed that you can’t figure out how to parent your child. But you’re dedicated to learning about your child and their needs.


You need information that fits with your schedule, a researched-based framework, that is child development focused, conscious about connection and relationship, and accounts for whole-child wellness from someone who lives it. 


You crave connection with other like-minded parents. You recognize the importance of those relationships in helping you raise a resilient child while empowering you as a parent to find joy again.


You’re looking for a professional who not only has the information you need, you know they have been in the trenches with you. Someone who can simplify, encourage, and help you bring joy to parenting.


You’re learn to connect, to bring joy back to your parenting. You’re ready to decrease the power struggles. You’re ready to learn to parent YOUR child’s unique needs. You’re ready to feel more confident in your relationship with your child.

Because of the love you have for your child, you already

  • Know the relationship with your child is important

  • Are curious about what to do next, because you know there is more

  • Are ready to experience a play-filled parenting connection

  • But somewhere along the way, you hit a wall and ...

  • Realized you cannot parent alone

  • Started yelling, rather than talking

  • Began correcting instantly, rather than connecting

  • Found it hard to be authentic

  • Now you’re overwhelmed and feel like giving up

  • Playful Wisdom isn’t:


    • A typical group. This is a community of seasoned professionals and parents here to help parents like you along your parenting journey by incorporating sound research and personal experience into relatable and relative training. 

    • A magic wand or a “quick fix” that will magically fix every problem or challenge you are facing with your child. Building connections and relationships take work, patience, and curiosity.

    • A place to shame other parent’s for their decisions, mistakes, or failures. Everyone has challenges and focusing on these produces a culture of shame.

    • A guide to parent survival; we seek to help you thrive instead. To bring the joy back to your parenting. To learn the language of play, the neuroscience of the brain-body connection, and to learn the value of presence.

    Playful Wisdom is: 

    • A safe space to learn and grow as a parent and family unit. 

    • Focused on the relationship and connectivity between the parent and child.

    • Developed by a collective of highly-trained child & family therapists who every day empower parents to be the greatest resource for helping their child overcome difficulties.

    • We also recognized the lack of sound resources and guidance available for parents when it comes to parenting the whole child- emotional, mental, social, physical.

    • An on-demand program for parents to get the information they are curious about and can trust in its guidance.

    • A place where parents can find community and learn from others who have faced similar challenges, believe in children being human deserving of respect and opportunity to grow in whole health.


    Benefits & Features

    When you join the Playful Wisdom Parenting community you will:​

    Learn how your parenting blueprint is impacting the way, you parent.

    1. Know what experts in the field are discovering about how a child develops (neuroscience, brain development, & sensory systems). Learn to identify and parent to these primitive systems. 

    2. Learn how ALL behavior is communication and with connection, unwanted behaviors can improve. Using curiosity and relationship as your guide.

    3. Parent playfully to increase connection & strengthen the parent-child relationship.

    4. Foster empathy and compassion to challenge shame dynamics. 

    5. A breakdown of each session can be found here

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    In Playful Wisdom Courses you will find:

    mother and two children

    "Cary is a phenomenal educator & trainer on playful techniques to build relationships, on child emotional wellness & healthy development. You will learn more in one hour with Cary, then whole classes from other experts. If you get a chance to hear Cary speak you will walk away knowing more about you as a parent & the power Play in parenting."

    - Sarah

    brain as  tree


    Founded in neuroscience research and child development from Licensed Mental Health clinicians who are specially trained in child attachment, sensory regulation, and brain-based practices of speaking a child’s language and translating this knowledge to parents. Sharing our secrets for mental wellness and 


    lotus in hand


    To know belonging, where you can come as you are, give and receive support with others who share their lived experience, grow, and develop connected relationships with your child by learning the power of play.


    Connection is at the core of being human and feeling it allows us to be vulnerable and brave in our parenting.

    hummingbird going in door


    Learn how curiosity fosters connection, decreases conflicts, and strengthens your parent-child bond. These courses will challenge you to shift your thinking about parenting. Give you resources and skills to develop a relationship that grows your child’s brain and regulates calm. Increasing your resilience as a parent and increasing communication with your child. Curiosity opens doors and allows for learning, healing, and wellness to be present.



    There is hope for you to become the parent you have always wanted to be. These courses acknowledge the depth of learning and practice that parenting takes to raise healthy humans. 


    This community acknowledges how incredibly difficult this parenting experience can be while at the same time believing struggle is a part of the journey, not the final destination. 

    hummingbird in mountain


    This is where you can find the knowledge to rise above the chaos of the day-to-day strains. To gain clarity on the type of parent you want to be for your child, and to use 

    those strengths to empower your family towards wellness.

    We want to guide you in having the forever skills to rely on no matter your child's age.

    This parenting community has options

    to best fit your needs.

    First, is our Foundations course which introduces you to the basic knowledge of how to be a playful wisdom parent. The education and knowledge for you to gain perspective and learning on the brain, the body, connection, and play concepts as they apply to parenting. You can take this course at your pace as it is all online with short videos to cover the learning of each lesson. Followed by worksheets to apply your skills learned.

    Second, you will gain access to our Facebook community where you have Q &A sessions with one of our Playful Wisdom curators to apply the skills learned in each lesson to your specific child and parenting needs. 

    Third, you can have 1:1 sessions with our Playful Wisdom Curators to get even more in-depth parent coaching specific to your pain points, stuck moments, and managing your child’s and self-expectations to the changes as you implement the Playful Wisdom Parenting model. Sometimes as the parent you just need a fresh perspective to point you in the right direction.

    Fourth, Gain access to our library of Parenting Seminars & Connect with other Playful Wisdom parents.


    Playful Wisdom Curators

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    Mother & Creator 

    My passion is to empower parents to connect with their children to build healthy families. I love seeing parents enjoy parenting again and see their confidence build. Whole family wellness is my wish for all families

    Quotation marks


    Curator & Play Expert

    All children seek connection and belonging with others. Children's experiences matter and I love helping children feel seen and heard by the important people in their lives. 

    Carrie Headshot


    Mother & Curator

    Parents and children are doing their best, even when it's tough, and I love connecting with them through compassionate presence and belief in their ability to grow and heal. 

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    Mother & Creator

    Giving birth doesn't suddenly enable you to be the parent that you've always wanted to be. Our children have an incredible way of showing us where we need work. My children have taught me more about myself than I ever expected.

    Quotation Marks

    Is this where you belong?

    This parenting community is for you if:

    1. You’re the parent or primary caregiver of a child with challenging behaviors.

    2. You’re looking to grow in your knowledge of child development, sensory sensitivities, and the neuroscience of the brain-body connections, proven to develop healthy humans.

    3. You are searching for support that does not just address your child’s challenges but sees YOU and your needs in this two-sided equation.

    4. Parents who strive to be flexible, adaptable, brave, resourceful, curious, and inclusive to those around them. 

    5. You’re ready for personal growth as an individual and as a parent. You’re open to reflection, introspection, and shifting your perspective.

    6. You want to ensure your whole child is being nurtured, including their emotional mental well being.

    A natural example of how parenting can b

    This Parenting community is NOT for you if:

    1. You are not the parent or primary caregiver.

    2. You’re looking for a “quick fix” for your child or for yourself.

    3. You’re seeking a platform to vent your frustrations without any interest in investing your time and energy in making positive changes within yourself or within your relationship with your child.

    4. You are not open to viewing your child’s challenging behaviors as a symptom of being human, rather than intentional and willful defiance.

    5. You are looking for a place to ask members about their child’s experience with medications or various treatments. This is outside the scope of this parenting community.

    Our Foundations Course has 
    Curious to know more?

    We are excited to support you on your Parenting adventure!

    Colorful Book Spines


    Neuroscience & Education

    As parents, we know life is crazy right now & 
    burnout is feeling real.
    We are here to support & help you to gain back some
    resiliency by making parenting
    JOY-filled again.

    Hand with lotus

    Frequently asked questions

    What is the benefit of joining the Playful Wisdom Parenting community?

    Members will be able to learn skills that will aid in streghtening your relationship with your child(ren) and family, which will translate through to your child’s development. Gaining knowledge from trained mental health professionals and play therapists.

    Can I use my insurance for Playful Wisdom?

    No- This platform is an educational support group and cannot be billed to insurance. It is an excellent adjunt to any therapy currently being received by your family. One reason it is named the Foundations Course!

    What is the cost of Playful Wisdom Parenting?

    $127 for the Foundations Course which inlcudes guided on demand videos with supplemental workbook & cheat sheets to support daily integration of your gained knowledge and skills. You will gain you access to other resources on specialized topics as discounted rate only availble to those who have completed the Foundations Course.

    What kind of time commitment is expected?

    We understand life as a parent is busy and can often be unpredictable. Playful Wisdom Parenting is meant to be completed at your pace. Pace yourself! Everything is on demand and yours for a year from date of purchase. We are parents like you, and often respond in the middle of night so feel free to engage in dialogue in our facebook group.

    When does the course start?

    The Playful Wisdom Parenting course opens in January, 2021 and is intended for parents to complete at their own pace. Parents will have access to the course for 1 year and may choose from the following three options: 1. Just the course and Facebook group 2. The course, Facebook group, and group calls, or 3. The course, Facebook group group calls, and individual parenting sessions.

    Is this Playful Wisdom Parenting therapy?

    Playful Wisdom Parenting is intended to be adjunct to therapy, as it is an educational model that will build and compliment your child's therapy or family therapy. Although we are trained professionals, each family should reach out to a medical professional for specific diagnosis and treatment by a licensed mental health professionals.

    What format will the Playful Wisdom Parenting tools be in?

    The materials will be in the form of videos, handouts and booklets fare for all subscribers to access on a digital platform. We use Teachable, which is free for our parents to use.

    What are the copyright stipulations in regards to sharing materials?

    Sharing of Playful Wisdom Parenting materials outside of your purchase can result in being banned from access to the content. We ask that professionals honor the development of the course by not copying the materials for your own professional use. The content of Playful Wisdom Parenting is copyrighted and all rights are reserved. If you are interested in learning more about Playful WIsdom as a professional please email us at

    Cary Hamilton-black-highres.png

    Hope to see you soon!

    With gratitude,

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    Parent Burnout

    It happens to the best of us, we're giving all we can, and eventually, we run out of steam. Parent burnout is real and we need to talk about it! This class will explore burnout, what it can look like (that tricky fella) and ways you can prevent and put an end to it!

    Mother and a Child

    Child Sleep

    Sleep affects our children's development, emotional health and behavior. Sleep is detrimental to our child's overall health. In this course we will dive deep into sleep and find out the in's and out's of what happens while our little ones are in dreamland.

    IMG_4005 2.jpg

    Ages & Stages

    We are big believers in looking beyond our children's behavior and seeing what's really going on. Each age offers its own unique developmental roadblocks. In this course we will talk about the ages 2-12 and how your child is growing emotionally, physically, and mentally.

    A natural example of how parenting can be rocky, difficult, & challenging. Followed moment

    Looking for information on presenting or training?