Playful Wisdom is Integrative Parenting model based on:

Relationship, Connection, Neuroscience, & Play.

We want to share the wonderful power of play with parents so

they can create a fun, caring, connected environment for the next

generation to thrive in.

Not sure yet what you are looking for? Here is more information about Playful Wisdom Parenting

Ever wondered about that parent, the one who's child appears on the verge of a major meltdown. But a touch, a look, a short conversation and suddenly the child is back, happily playing again?

The next time you are struggling with your child you wonder:

What do they know that I don’t? Is there a secret?

Playful Wisdom offers real-world guidance to help you develop that inner know-how. So that you know what to do when you don’t know what to do.

Are you stuck or feeling challenged in identifying "What is your parenting style?"

Then are faced with phrases like: "Positive Parenting, Gentle Parenting, Conscious Parenting, Unconditional Parenting, Natural Parenting, Attachment Parenting, Free-Range Parenting, Connected Parenting and more"!


Here is the truth, Parents need only to parent the child they have.

Parenting is having a loving, connected relationship with your child. That's it! 


What is Playful Wisdom Parenting?

It is having the wisdom of Child Mental Health Professionals & Play Therapists as your parenting guide. Being a parent is no easy task, and it feels thankless. There is social shaming and judgment that happens no matter how hard you try and keep it at arm's length. We have found that knowledge in a few areas (neuroscience, attachment, child development, & play)  can make the stressors of parenting decrease! 

Parenting can be playful. In fact, when parenting is playful, kids feel more connected. When kids feel more connected, they are less likely to meltdown or shut down. When kids feel more connected, they are more likely to maintain their cool and listen. When parents have a connected child relationship the power struggles decrease and the joy in parenting returns. 

Let us show you how because we are...

In this together

Playful Wisdom

*Learn what to do when you no longer know what to do.*

An integrated, healthy brain comes from connection with a parent- good times & bad.


Parenting toward an integrated brain means you have to understand the power of connection & the language of play.

Play is a human's native language- we never forget how, we just stopped making time for it. 

-Cary Hamilton

Playful Wisdom was developed by a collective of highly-trained child & family therapists. We are on the front lines of child mental health and have “seen it all.” Every day we see how empowered parents are the greatest resource for helping children overcome difficulties. We also recognized the lack of sound resources and guidance available for parents.

Playful Wisdom aims to fill that gap by empowering parents with education and access.


We offer in-person parent courses, online "wisdom" seminars, and education that combines the latest research in neuroscience with an in-depth understanding of child development, family dynamics, mental wellness and practical know-how to guide parents through everyday situations and address concerns before they become bigger issues.


Too many lightly trained “parenting specialists” have not studied in-depth childhood issues and struggle to identify underlying dynamics. Our highly-trained team possesses an in-depth understanding of child development, family dynamics, and child mental health issues. We have the know-how to give parents the tools they need to be their children’s first line of defense and primary resource as they face the challenges of the modern world. We identify when deeper issues such as family dynamics, trauma, mental health, sensory processing differences, or other issues require specific interventions or approaches and guide you through these challenges. 


We help empower parents through these difficulties.

At Playful Wisdom Parenting you will:

  •  Learn how to Parent playfully to increase connection & strengthen the parent-child relationship

  • Know the Neuroscience and what experts in the field are discovering about how a child develops.

  • Learn how ALL behavior is communication and with connection, unwanted behaviors can improve. 

  • Learn how a human's sensory systems directly impact behavior. Learn to identify and parent to these primitive systems. 

  • Learn how your parenting blueprint is impacting the way, you parent.

  • Understand how your child's brain development changes over time, thus parenting strategies must shift!

  • Gain access to our library of Parenting Seminars

  • Connect with other Playful Wisdom parents. 

"Cary is a phenomenal educator & trainer on playful techniques to build relationships, on child emotional wellness & healthy development. You will learn more in one hour with Cary, then whole classes from other experts. If you get a chance to hear Cary speak you will walk away knowing more about you as a parent & the power Play in parenting."

- Sarah

Are you Ready?

*Are you ready to learn to connect, bring joy back to your parenting? 

*Are you ready to decrease the power struggles?

*Are you ready to learn to parent YOUR child?

*Are you ready to feel more confident in your relationship with your child?

Playful Wisdom Curators



Director & Creator & Mother

My passion is to empower parents to connect with their children to build healthy families.



Children's experiences matter and I love helping children feel seen and heard by the important people in their lives

Rebekah Springs

Parents and children are doing their best, even when it's tough, and I love connecting with them through compassionate presence and belief in their ability to grow and heal. 



Parents and children are doing their best, even when it's tough, and I love connecting with them through compassionate presence and belief in their ability to grow and heal. 



Mother & Creater

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