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The Summer of Connection program

encourages parents & caregivers to remember to

Play, Connect & Empower

themselves over the summer!

See you in July!

Playful Wisdom is Parenting from

The intersection of Neuroscience & Play.

We are a group of seasoned play therapists & child mental health specialists who are parents ourselves. We are here to show how Neuroscience, Connection, & Play

are core principles to parenting healthy children and growing healthy families. 

Playful Wisdom is an educational platform that helps parents who care about being connected and developing emotionally resilient children go from confused and curious parents who know there has got to be more than struggle and frustration- to flexibly adaptive parents focused on curiosity, connection, and play in their parenting relationship.

We use a specific skill set using the language of the child, play, to encourage you to parent the child you have and have confidence in their wellness as growing humans. Our goal is to provide parents with a foundation and framework for parenting that increases 

confidence, joy, and connection.

"All humans are innately wired for Connection"- Brené Brown

We look forward to guiding your parenting journey using the

Power of Play & Relationship that we use every day to heal.

-Playful Wisdom Curators

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