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Foundations Course

Our Foundations course introduces you to the basic knowledge of how to be a playful wisdom parent. This is the education and knowledge for you to gain perspective and learning on the brain, the body, connection, and play concepts as they apply to parenting. You can take this course at your pace — it is all online with short videos to cover the learning of each lesson and followed by worksheets to apply the skills learned.


The Foundations Course has options to best fit your needs.

We understand the importance of connection and the demands of life. Therefore, whether you are looking to simply gain knowledge or you are looking for a collaborative and supportive experience, we provide those options.


We have established a facebook community page where you have Q&A sessions with one of our Playful Wisdom curators to apply the skills learned in each lesson to your specific child and parenting needs.


In addition, you can have 1:1 sessions with our Playful Wisdom Curators to get even more in-depth parent coaching specific to your pain points, stuck moments, and managing your child’s, and yours, self-expectations to the changes as you implement the Playful Wisdom Parenting model.

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