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Our Wisdom Curators


I’m Cary; a therapist, play therapist, professor, international parenting consultant, and mother of two. 

Both my children have neurodiverse brains, and one has significant sensory challenges, and sleep disorder resulting in constant bewilderment and struggles. After gaining knowledge of sensory systems and neuroscience from the STAR Institute, this changed my career and parenting forever, it changed the way I see relationships and child behaviors. However, applying my knowledge in my career was much easier than being in the day to day parenting chaos at home. I found that things were still really hard and that it was challenging to stay regulated myself. I felt like I still needed to develop and grow my understanding of the

neurodevelopmental relational model and support of others who “got it”. I have read parenting books, I teach graduates skills to heal and connect with children, yet I was alone in my own parenting. So I created Playful Wisdom with my highly skilled colleagues to pass on our knowledge and support to the greater community. 

Yes, there are courses and workshops, books and Facebook groups on parent support. They come a dime a dozen, but nothing that addressed my child’s special needs as well as MY experience as her parent in the very community-oriented, uplifting and personalized way I was searching for. This experience led me to open a private coaching practice where I now provide that support to other parents on their journey through one-on-one and small group work. And yet, through this individualized work, the parents I was meeting with continued to tell me that no one understood the daily challenges and heartbreak they experienced. I knew I needed to address this absence of easy knowledge learned and applied to a community greater than what my clinic could do.

I'm Sarah; a licensed marriage and family therapist and registered play therapist.


I am the oldest of four siblings. I have worked with children and their families since I was a teenager: as a babysitter, nanny, orphanage volunteer, English teacher, daycare/preschool teacher, and now as a child and family therapist. I enjoy working with preschool-aged children (as young as 2!) and helping parents develop preventative skills to foster connection and resiliency in their young children. My specialty is working with families who are experiencing and/or suspect neurodiversity, such as Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), and Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD). I strive to help all children feel seen, heard, and understood by the adults in their lives.


I’m Carrie; a licensed mental health counselor and school counselor.

I’m also a Mom of two kids. I’ve been working with kids ever since I can remember and have experience working with challenging demographics such as children in inpatient and residential settings and special education classrooms. When it comes to creating trusting relationships and challenging behaviors - there hasn’t been a challenge too big for me. Then I became a parent. Despite my educational background and experience when I had my own kids, it rocked my world. 


Parents are in the thick of it. There are so many dynamics at play and best intending helping professionals don’t always take it all into consideration. There is a lack of well-rounded education out there for parents and that’s why I’m a part of Playful Wisdom. 


I’ve gained knowledge and training in Neuroscience and am working towards becoming a Registered Play Therapist. These

two worlds have collided for me in such a synchronistic way and it’s been amazing to watch the proof that it works as I parent my own children. My oldest has been an easy child and she aims to please. My second child had a speech delay and didn’t start talking until he was 3 years old. This created a barrier in our communication and our relationship. It’s made the connection harder with him. And while I’ve known all the right things to do to “solve” behaviors - the real key is having a connection with him. When I started working harder to have that relationship (through play!) with him, instead of working hard to “get rid of the behavior,” the behaviors melted away. Encompassing the Playful Wisdom way, you too will see how learning about neuroscience, attachment, child development, & play will bring joy into parenting.

I’m Kaitlyn; a mother, photographer and content creator.


Since I was very young I always wanted to be a mother and nothing else. I worked in childcare starting when I was 16 and then in college and afterward I nannied. I thought I had parenting in the bag, and then I had my son. He is energetic, anxious, and highly curious. He craves physical affection, something that I've always struggled with. Through him, I learned that parenting isn't easy, like at all. And then I had my daughter.


Going from one child to two rocked my world. My son had a very difficult time adjusting to being a sibling, and his developmental age didn't help. I was quick to yell and detach myself from the situation and at the end of the day, I felt horrible. I just wanted peace in my home, I just wanted my children to feel loved. That love I wanted them to feel, the care and peace that I craved, it came with connection.


Giving birth doesn't suddenly enable you to be the parent that you've always wanted to be. Our children have an incredible way of showing us where we ourselves need work. My children have taught me more about myself than I ever expected.

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