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  • What is the benefit of joining the Playful Wisdom Parenting community?
    Members will be able to learn skills that will aid in your relationship with your child(ren) and family, which will translate through to your child’s development.
  • Can I use my insurance for Playful Wisdom?
    No- This platform is an educational support group and cannot be billed to insurance.
  • What is the cost of Playful Wisdom Parenting?
    $127 for the Foundations Course. This will also gain you access to other resources on specialized topics.
  • What kind of time commitment is expected?
    We understand life as a parent is busy and can often be unpredictable. Playful Wisdom Parenting is meant to be completed at your pace. Pace yourself!
  • When does the course start?
    The Playful Wisdom Parenting course opens in January, 2021 and is intended for parents to complete at their own pace. Parents will have access to the course for 1 year and may choose from the following three options: 1. Just the course 2. The course and group calls, or 3. The course, group calls, and individual parenting sessions.
  • Is this Playful Wisdom Parenting therapy?
    Playful Wisdom Parenting is intended to be adjunct to therapy, as it is an educational model that will build and compliment your child and therapy if they are in therapy.
  • What format will the Playful Wisdom Parenting tools be in?
    The materials will be in the form of videos, handouts and booklets for all subscribers to access.
  • What are the copyright stipulations in regards to sharing materials?
    Sharing of Playful Wisdom Parenting materials outside of your purchase can result in being banned from access to the content. We ask that professionals honor the development of the course by not copying the materials for your own professional use. The content of Playful Wisdom Parenting is copyrighted and all rights are reserved.
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