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Specialty Courses

Lazy Morning

Parent Burnout

It happens to the best of us, we're giving all we can, and eventually, we run out of steam. Parent burnout is real and we need to talk about it! This class will explore burnout, what it can look like (that tricky fella) and ways you can prevent and put an end to it!

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Behavior or Sensory?

It doesn't matter what you do the behaviors just won't stop.  You have tried behavior charts, rewards, and punishments and still, your child is constantly touching, jumping, hiding, and screaming around the house. As a parent, you feel exhausted and worn out. Learn more here why maybe it's not the child's will but rather a lack of skill. Learn about sensory behaviors here.

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Child Mental Wellness

We all want our children to be happy and healthy. It is a complex world especially during and post-pandemic. Children really have struggled emotionally and socially.  There are some key aspects and goals to parenting with your child's mental health as the focus.

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Ages & Stages

We are big believers in looking beyond our children's behavior and seeing what's really going on. Each age offers its own unique developmental roadblocks. In this course we will talk about the ages 2-12 and how your child is growing emotionally, physically, and mentally.

Mother and a Child

Child Sleep

Sleep affects our children's development, emotional health and behavior. Sleep is detrimental to our child's overall health. In this course we will dive deep into sleep and find out the in's and out's of what happens while our little ones are in dreamland.

Happy Dance

Could it be ADHD?

A common question we get is

"Do they have ADHD?"

This class is to answer those questions provide you with the input needed to make the best parenting decision for your child. Did you know ADHD looks different in boys and girls sometimes? Or that ADHD is highly genetic? Learn more from our curators that are neurodiversity specialists.

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